Damon salvatore and elena dating in real life

damon salvatore and elena dating in real life

How well do you know the Vampire DiariesDamon Salvatore?

Its impossible to imagine The Vampire Diaries without brooding bad-boy Damon Salvatore, played by Ian Somerhalder — or Ian Smolderholder, as he is more affectionately known by fans. The actor was an integral part of the show, which initially centered on his character falling in love with his brother Stefans girlfriend, Elena.

Who are the Salvatore brothers onthe Vampire Diaries?

Fans were quickly intrigued by the actors and actresses behind the characters and their real-life partners, especially since Damon and Elenas on-screen romance turned into true love for the stars. Lets start with the youngest of the Salvatore brothers, played by Paul Wesley.

DoesVampire Diarieshave any off-screen romance?

Over the course of eight seasons, viewers watched their share of romances and heartbreaks on The Vampire Diaries, with the final season bringing some closure for the major characters. But what about behind the scenes? As with any long-running series theres bound to be an off-screen romance or two-and this was certainly the case for TVD.

Why did Klaus kill Elena on the Vampire Diaries?

Joseph Morgan joined The Vampire Diaries as the centuries-old vampire-werewolf hybrid Niklaus Klaus Mikaelson in Season 2. Klaus arrived in town as the shows new antagonist and was determined to kill Elena so he could break his Hybrid Curse.

Who is Damon Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries?

The series tells the story of the teenager Elena Gilbert, and two brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore. There are of course many more interesting and amazing characters in the show. Damon is the ringleader of what is about to happen in the town of Mystic Falls.

How good is the Vampire Diaries quiz?

Taking the Vampire Diaries Quiz requires courage and passion. But your answers show that it might be a little early for you to opt for such challenges. Scoring roughly five points on the test indicates that you are either a newbie fan or never cared about the details of the show. 6-10 points: Vampire watcher

Who are the characters worth mentioning in the Vampire Diaries?

However, with time the boy changes, he forgives his brother and all negative qualities are replaced by more positive ones. Other characters worth mentioning are Bonnie, Katherine, Enzo, or Tyler. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES QUIZ - HOW TO PLAY?

What does it mean to be a “Vampire Diaries fanatic”?

It means you are (or used to be) an enthusiast about the show. But it also reveals that you have never been a fanatic. So, maybe next time. Less than 60% of the participants manage to score as high as fifteen on the Vampire Diaries Quiz.

Who is to blame for Elenas moms death on the Vampire Diaries?

Klaus Mikaelson was to blame for her shocking death. On The Vampire Diaries, Elena Gilberts mother, Isobel Flemming, killed herself during season 2 after being compelled by Klaus Mikaelson.

What did Klaus do to Elena in the Vampire Diaries?

When Elena wakes up in chains, Klaus is by her, and explains that hes draining her of her blood so that he can create an army and still kill Alaric. He questions her on if she would choose Stefan or Damon, but she tells him to go to hell.

How did Klauss mother become a vampire?

Esther was Klaus mother and she had an affair with a werewolf in the village they lived in resulting in Klaus birth. Klaus and Elijah both fell in love with a girl from their village named Tatia. Esther used Tatias blood to turn her husband and children into vampires.

How did Elena Gilbert die in the Vampire Diaries?

He first sacrificed the werewolf Jules; then the vampire Jenna Sommers, who was turned into a vampire especially for the sacrifice; and then finally he killed Elena Gilbert, the third Petrova doppelgänger, by draining her of blood to the point of her death.

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