Persona 4 dating kanji

persona 4 dating kanji

How old is kanji from Persona 4?

The Persona 4 Official Design Works lists his birth year as 1995. It is likely this is an error which is fixed in Persona 4 Arena. Despite the Persona 4 guidebook and Persona 4 Arena saying he is 183cm, the notes for Persona 4 The Golden Animation say he is 185cm. Kanjis outfit in the Miss Yasogami High Beauty Pageant resembles Marilyn Monroe.

Is there romance in Persona 4?

Persona 4 allows players to sit back and enjoy the series’ slice of life aspects. Here are the romances you can pursue, ranked. The Persona franchise has always handled romance well, even in the games without Social Links.

Can kanji ride a scooter in Persona 4?

Kanji is the youngest member of the Investigation Team, yet he is also the tallest. In Persona 4 Golden, because of Kanjis young age, he is unable to ride a scooter to Okina Station or the beach with his friends. He instead rides a bicycle.

What kind of game is Persona 4?

Was this guide helpful? Persona 4, another in renown and award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series, is a riveting murder mystery RPG featuring an entirely new cast, action, and depth. Quest 01: Whos the Riddle Master!

Who is Kanji Tatsumi Persona 4?

Kanji Tatsumi is a playable character from Persona 4. He is a first-year student at Yasogami High School in Inaba and known to many as a notorious delinquent since middle school. Kanji is the tallest member of the Investigation Team despite his young age compared to the rest of the Investigation Team.

When can I start kanjis Social Link in Persona 4?

Do you like this video? This article covers information about the Emperor Social Link, Kanji Tatsumi, including events and skills featured in Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden . The protagonist can start Kanjis Social Link on June 9th at the earliest, after hearing a rumor that hes bullying students.

Is kanji in Persona 4 Arena?

The friendship made with Kanji serves as the Social Link to The Emperor; this is signified in Persona 4: The Animation by Yus Persona King Frost (キングフロスト, Kingu Furosuto). He appears as a playable character in Persona 4 Arena and its sequel Persona 4 Arena Ultimax with Take-Mikazuchi.

Who is the other me in Persona 4?

Thats the way to deal with that other me in the TV world.. —Kanji Tatsumi, Persona 4. Kanji Tatsumi is a playable character from Persona 4. He is a first-year student at Yasogami High School in Inaba and known to many as a notorious delinquent since middle school.

Will Persona 4 ever come to PS4?

There’s nothing about Persona 4 Golden coming to PS4. However, it’s possible that a Persona 4 Golden announcement for PS4 could be made on June 23rd during the New Game + Expo. Atlus West are confirmed for the New Game + Expo on the aforementioned date, so it’s possible announcements pertaining to the series could be made.

Is Persona 4 Golden worth it?

Persona 4 Golden is one of my favorite games of all time, and one of the few games to ever hit me emotionally. Its a pretty long game, has a lot of depth to it, and really is altogether fantastic. In fact, I didnt realize it was on Steam. So Im going to go buy it.

How to identify the killer in Persona 4?

How to identify the killer in Persona 4 - dedudction style! Hint: SPOILAR warning . This becomes a pretty simple process overall. The game gives you three chances to identify who could be behind the incidents. However, what the game doesn’t do is identify all the important plot points. It gives you some hints in the summary, but that’s ...

Should I play Persona 4?

Yes, Persona 4 Golden is absolutely worth your time and everyone elses. Its a gripping mystery story with a likeable cast and fun as hell dungeon crawling. It is pretty anime but it has so many other wonderful qualities. You dont need to get super deep into the relationship stuff to enjoy the game.

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