Hook up blinds

hook up blinds

Can you hang blinds on the inside of a window?

Hanging the blinds on the inside gives your window a slimmer look. Inside mounts also allow more light to shine around the edges of the blinds. Measuring for an outside mount: Measure along the outside edges of the casing that surrounds the window.

Do blinds make a room look better?

The right blinds, shades or shutters will provide privacy, control light and spiff up a room. On their own, windows are really just holes in the walls. But add a window covering like shades, blinds or shutters and you suddenly have privacy, control over the amount of sunlight that fills the area and a better-looking room.

How to install blinds on a door frame?

To install blinds, start by making marks on the wall where you want to hang the blinds, either inside the window frame or on the wall above it, depending on your preference. Next, open the door on the each mounting bracket and line it up with the mark you made. Then, attach the brackets by drilling screws through the holes on the back of the ...

What happens if blinds dont fit?

If the blinds dont fit properly, theyll make it right at their cost. Purchasing blinds from a mail-order catalogue or by phone (many home magazines carry small ads offering direct from manufacturer prices) means youre responsible for the accuracy of measurements; if the blinds dont fit properly, its your problem.

Can you put blinds on the outside of a window?

As long as your window frame has enough depth to mount blinds inside the opening, we almost always recommend an inside mount. An outside mount (installing the blinds on the wall or trim above the window) is usually just recommended when windows are too shallow to mount inside or when there are obstructions like a window crank.

What is the best way to hang blinds?

This method of hanging blinds positions the blind right next to the window, within the recess. It should be noted that this method isn’t always available as, generally, a recess depth of 7.5cm is needed to ensure there is enough room for the blind.

Can blinds be hung inside or outside the window recess?

Blinds can be hung both inside the window recess and outside the window recess. A recess is created when a window is not flush with a wall. This is the most common configuration for a window and creates what is known as the ‘sill’.

What are outside mounts for blinds?

Outside mounts are normally installed above the window frame or on the wall above the window depending on the availability of the space. Whenever you are installing blinds or any other window treatments on the windows or doors of your house, you need to make sure that there is enough space for them to function properly.

Why dont my blinds fit in the window?

Some people may make their measurements slightly smaller thinking that their blinds need to be slightly smaller to fit in the window. This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE our designers hear about from upset customers and will lead to blinds that dont fit.

What happens if I make a mistake measuring my blinds?

Although 98% of our customers measure correctly, we promise that if you make a mistake measuring, or if for any other reason your blinds don’t fit, we’ll replace them for free – a 100% exchange! If your blinds are the wrong size, just call one of our window coverings experts at 800.505.1905 and we’ll get a replacement to you ASAP.

Can blinds be mounted inside a window frame?

When you’re going to mount your blinds or shades inside the window frame, you first need to check your window depth. If your window is not deep enough your blind might not fit- and that’s frustrating, right?

Can you cut down window blinds to size?

This allows window coverings that are too large for the window to be trimmed to fit new measurements. How to Cut Down Wood Blinds and Faux Wood Blinds – Measure the width of your window opening and determine the length to be cut off each end of the blind.

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