Are veronica and archie dating in riverdale

are veronica and archie dating in riverdale

Are Archie and Veronica over onRiverdale?

They have survived various ups and downs on The CW series. But for now, they are over. Fans of Archie and Veronica, who are played by Camila Mendes and KJ Apa, have had their hearts broken on the latest season of Riverdale.

What chapter do Archie and Veronica start dating?

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge, commonly referred to as Varchie among fans, began as a friendship, yet they were very attracted to one another. During Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend things got serious, and they officially started dating in Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter .

Is Archie dating a Kennedy in Riverdale?

Betty and Kevin freaked out stating that he was a player, but the hottest of hot, Kevin then added, In Riverdale, thats like dating a Kennedy. However, Archie didnt say anything.

What happened to Archie and Bettys relationship inVeronica?

In the Season 1 finale, Veronica even confronted Archie about his feelings for Betty, asking if he liked her. I do, I always will. As friends, he assured. Which brings us to... After flirting and kissing, etc., the couple took things to the next level in the final episode of the season.

Are Archie and Veronica from Riverdale dating?

Archie and Veronica are an iconic couple dating back the to the original comics, so its hard not to root for them. Yes — we love the courtship of #Bughead with all of our Riverdale -obsessed hearts — but #Varchie is everything, too.

Does Riverdale have a central conflict for Archie Comics?

Riverdale may be a far cry from the original Archie comics, but it still has one of the same central conflicts for Archie: Betty or Veronica? Being a teenager is complicated enough as it is.

What is Archies real name on Riverdale?

KJ Apa Archibald Archie Andrews (portrayed by KJ Apa) is the son of Fred and Mary Andrews and boyfriend of Veronica Lodge. Archie is a student at Riverdale High School, a budding musician, and a football player for the Riverdale Bulldogs. His team number was number nine, given to him by Coach Clayton.

Why did Veronica tell Andre to leave Riverdale?

Archie and Andre revealed that her father was doing business in Riverdale with some of the other families and he wanted to make sure that Veronica was safe. As the means to resolve the conflict, Veronica ordered Andre to leave, but not before telling him to call her father, and tell him that his cover was blown.

So what am I supposed to do? ”. — Archie to Mrs. Burble [src] Archibald Archie Andrews is a main character on The CW s Riverdale. He is portrayed by KJ Apa . Archie is a student at Riverdale High School, a budding musician, and a football player for the Riverdale Bulldogs.

When did Archie marry Betty instead of Veronica?

In issues # 600–602, the story features a futuristic look into the life of Riverdale teen Archie Andrews in the years that follow his college graduation when Archie makes his ultimate decision to marry Veronica Lodge instead of Betty Cooper. In Issues # 603–605, the story switches and Archie proposes marriage to Betty instead of to Veronica.

Why does Archie confess to Veronica in Riverdale?

Veronica’s father, Hiram (Mark Consuelos), offered Archie a job at the Riverdale Sheriff’s Department, and Veronica wants to stay with him in Riverdale, should he accept the position. It’s the idea that Veronica would make a decision that could affect her future so heavily that prompts Archie to confess what happened with Betty.

What happened to Betty and Veronica in Riverdale?

At New York Comic Con in 2013, Archie Comics announced that Betty and Veronica would leave Riverdale in Farewell, Betty and Veronica written by Michael Uslan with art by Dan Parent, and that two new female characters would replace them.

Will Betty and Veronica get married in the comics?

Rebecca: The announcement that Archie and Veronica would wed was met with scorn in some parts of the comicsphere, with one dedicated Archie/Betty shipper selling his Archie #1 in protest. But when reading the comic it became clear (although Archie Comics soon confirmed it anyway) that a Betty wedding was also a possibility.

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