Jeff goldblum dating

jeff goldblum dating

Is Jeff Goldblum still married to his first wife?

Relationships Jeff Goldblum was previously married to Geena Davis (1987 - 1990) and Patricia Gaul (1980 - 1985). Jeff Goldblum has been engaged to Emilie Livingston (2014). More about Jeff Goldblum

What is Jeff Goldblums real name?

Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum (/ˈɡoʊldbluːm/; born October 22, 1952) is an American actor and musician.

How well do you know Jeff Goldblum?

Jeff Goldblum is a popular American actor, director, producer, and musician. He is most well-known for starring in the popular horror film, “The Fly” and for directing the popular short film, “Little Surprises”. He is equally famous for starring in the “Jurassic Park” and and “Independence Day” films. Well, how well do you know about Jeff Goldblum?

Did Jeff Goldblum date Kristin Davis?

Kristin Davis and Jeff Goldblum dated in 2002. Lisa Marie and Jeff Goldblum dated in 2002. Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum dated from August, 1992 to January, 1997. Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis were married for 2 years. They dated for 2 years after getting together in Apr 1985 and married on 1st Nov 1987. 2 years later they divorced on 17th Oct 1990.

Who is Jeff Goldblum’s wife?

Jeff Goldblum is currently married to Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston. The couple tied their knots in 2014. Together they have two sons. Previously, he was married to American actress and activist Genna Davis. They were married from 1987 to 1990. Who is Jeff Goldblum wife ? Jeff Goldblum is an American actor and musician.

How long did Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum’s marriage last?

Patricia Gaul and Jeff Goldblum broke their marriage after 6 years. Like most of the Western world, it was a love marriage as the two dated for quite sometime before taking things into the next level and tying the knot.

Is Bill Goldblum married to Emilie?

In mid-2014, Goldblum became engaged to Emilie Livingston, a Canadian Olympic gymnast 30 years his junior; the couple married on November 8, 2014. On January 9, 2015, Goldblum announced on the Late Show with David Letterman that the couple was expecting a son who was born on July 4, 2015.

Is Emilie Livingston Jeff Goldblums girlfriend?

Jurassic Park artist Jeff Goldblum proposed Canadian dancer Emilie Livingston in July 2014. Sometimes things fall apart to make way for better things. And the same could be said for the Jurassic Park star, Jeff Goldblum, who finally found his soulmate in Emilie Livingston.

Is Geena Davis still married to Jeff Goldblum?

Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum: Married 11/1/1987 – Divorced 10/17/1990. Geena Davis: A League of Their Own.

Is Kristin Davis in a relationship?

Kristin Davis also has a ruling planet of Neptune. Kristin Davis has been in relationships with Aaron Sorkin (2012 – 2015), Russell James (2009 – 2010), Rick Fox (2007 – 2008), Damian Lewis (2003 – 2004), Jeff Goldblum (2002), Alec Baldwin (2001), Liev Schreiber (2000), Scott Carter (1981 – 1982) and Mike Pulliam.

Who is Jeff Goldblums boyfriend?

On a recent Sunday afternoon, Geena, Jeff, sister Pam and her boyfriend, artist Jeffrey Keisershot, lolled around Goldblums pool and later dyed Easter eggs. I love Geena, Pam says.

Who is Jeff goldbums new girlfriend Emilie Livingston?

It appears that a few weeks ago, actor Jeff Goldbum, 61, proposed to his girlfriend Emilie Livingston, a 31-year-old former Olympic gymnast from Canada. This is the third marriage for Goldblum; he was once married to actress Patricia Gaul and also, fascinatingly, to Geena Davis.

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