Aquarius dating advice

aquarius dating advice

Are You dating an Aquarius man?

Whenever you are dating an Aquarius man you have to be sure of one crucial fact – you are dating a MAN, with all the traits and hormonal issues one man has. This is exceptionally important, because many women, even those who are experienced in the game of love, oftentimes forget that men perceive things differently than women.

What to do when an Aquarius man is not interested?

If an Aquarius man, or any man, is not interested in you, there is nothing you can do about it. You can wave your hair in front of him, smile until your jaws get stuck or dress provocatively, still, you won’t produce any lasting result. Yes, he might ask for your number, set the date and so on, but he will only try to use you and this is all.

How to attract an Aquarius woman?

If you don’t like clingy, possessive behaviors in someone, you can say thank you to the zodiac for the Aquarius woman. Always detached and relaxed, this lady will offer her partner or date the same independence she wants for her. Dont drive the Aquarius woman away by being too insisting. Click To Tweet Don’t think she is cold or indifferent.

What zodiac sign is he if he asks you on a date?

The man who asked you on a proper date, treated you nice and proved to be consistent and well-mannered, turned out to be an Aquarius. Maybe he has told you his date of birth and now you can open his natal chart, see the aspects between his planets and also, see how your charts look when you compare them.

Is it difficult to date an Aquarius man?

Dating an Aquarius man is quite challenging as he is hard to read. For those who want to win his heart and keep him hooked, then have a look at our valuable tips below. How to Deal with Aquarius Man in Relationship? How to Deal with Aquarius Man in Relationship?

How to attract an Aquarius man?

When dating an Aquarius man, it’s a must not to freak him out by showing your clingy or needy behavior; in addition, he will shut out immediately if you make too intense discussions about love. Don’t try forcing him to commit to you; instead, this freedom lover prefers a casual relationship with sweet affections.

Do Aquarius men like clingy girlfriends?

For those who’ve been dating an Aquarius man, this is a very common experience. Remember that he doesn’t like a needy or clingy girlfriend; therefore, he has tendency of testing you to see whether or not you willingly give him space.

Is your Aquarius man testing you?

Aquarius men are one of the most interesting signs in the zodiac. When starting a new relationship, an Aquarius man is likely to test you in order to find out if you’re the one for him. Here are 12 signs he is testing you, what you can do about it, and how you can make him want you.

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