Pinky girl on dating broke guys

pinky girl on dating broke guys

How old is Pinky aka Pink?

Being born on 20th March 1988, Pinky age as of March 2019 was 31 years. Apart from being the only girl to her parents, she is the only child.

Is pink girl going to be a DJ?

Pinky Girl has also expressed interests in actualizing her dreams of being a DJ. She banks on her success and popularity at the Being Bonang show. Pink Girl alluded that DJ Miggs FoReal, a Pretoria based DJ, would be giving her the lessons.

Who is Pinky girl Tebogo?

If there is a reality star in South Africa that has won the hearts of many people, it is the Pinky Girl. Making her debut on the Being Bonang show, Tebogo has not only created a spotlight for herself but also helped her fans to know her better.

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