Adrienette dating fanfiction

adrienette dating fanfiction

How does Adrien feel about his secret girlfriend?

Adrien caressed his secret girlfriend cheeks lovingly as he gaze into her alluring bluebell eyes. He finds himself lost every time he looks at them. With his own eyes, he assured her that itll be alright. That after this, they can finally be a couple in front of their friends…

What did Marinette do to Adrien to make him feel more pleasure?

Marinette ran her mouth up and down the length of Adriens love-muscle-from the tip to the shaft. And the actions elicited moans from Marinette as much as it did Adrien. She adjusted her pacing-speeding up to give Adrien more pleasure and slowing the pace down to enjoy the experience herself.

What did Adrien think about the truth or Dare?

Truth or dare? Truth. Hmm… Adrien began to think. He wasnt really prepared for any truth or dares with their classmates. He was used to playing this game only with Marinette in her room and normally, his brain doesnt run out of ideas whether its a truth or a dare.

How did Adrien bring Adrien closer to her climax?

His hot breath was fanning against the rest of her sensitive skin, causing her to creep closer to her climax with every breath. It was mind-blowing how well Adrien knew to please her body, even when they didnt have that much time to explore.

Does Adrien still love Marinette?

Basically, yeah, so many missed opportunities, Adrien still very much sub-consciously loves Marinette as he consciously loves Ladybug, those feelings are still there and I’m waiting for him to realise it. Until for now, that is it for this analysis, I might do another one with Ladybug’s feelings towards Cat!!!

Who does Adrien tell the truth to?

He was even pleasantly surprised when she gave a speech to the whole of Paris after defeating Hawk Moths akumas and when she managed to defeat Stoneheart, save Mylène from falling, and capture the akuma all at once. Adrien tells Marinette the truth.

Does Adrien have a crush on Ladybug?

Very consciously, Adrien loves Ladybug and considers Marinette as ‘just a friend’ denying the fact that he has feelings for her. However, despite his denial, he’s touchy towards her, glances at her dreamily, compliments her too much, doesn’t mind the proximity between them and basically shows all the signs of having a crush on her.

How does Adrien feel about his wife during Christmas?

During Christmas, Adrien misses her due to it being his first Christmas without her and becomes depressed. His memory of her is the only thing that stops him from using his Cataclysm on an outdoor Christmas tree. Adrien sneaks out of the house in Gorizilla to see a rare film she starred in, taking off his disguise in awe of seeing her on screen.

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