Dating translation in hausa

dating translation in hausa

How do I translate from Hausa to English online?

Select the English as source language for translation. Select the Hausa as target translation language. Enter the English words, phrases, scentenses or pargraph that you want to translate. Click the translate button and you will get the English to Hausa translation immediately. Can i translate Hausa to English?

Which translation tool provides the most accurate Hausa translation?

Our English translator tool provides the most accurate Hausa translation because it uses the worlds best machine translation engine powered by Google Api, To achieve the best possible quality of Hausa translation, make sure that the English text is grammatically correct.

What is the Hausa language?

According to, Hausa is a Chadic language and is spoken by the Hausa people. It is spoken mainly within the northern half of Nigeria and the southern half of Niger. The language is spoken by significant minorities in Chad, Benin, and Cameroon.

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