Match dating site cost

match dating site cost

Is match cheaper than other dating sites?

Even if we took away all of the deals above, Match would still be more reasonably priced than most other dating sites out there. The general cost of per month depends on which type of subscription you pick.

How much does match cost per month?

The 3-month plan ($29.99 a month), 6-month plan ($21.99 a month), and 12-month plan ($17.99 per month with a 60% savings). The Premium Match Plans are for singles who want to get the best results. The 12-month plan is the best deal of all the membership packages at $15.99 a month.

How long should you pay for an online dating membership?

The first thing you need to realize when selecting an online dating membership is that you’ll have to decide how long of a membership you want. Typically, you can choose between 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year. For the majority of sites, they’ll show you the prices monthly, but you’ll be paying for all of the months up front.

How much does it cost to join match in 2022?

- Free Trial! How Much Does Cost to Join in 2022? Looking to find out how much costs to join in 2022? Membership prices start from as little as £9.99 per month and there’s also a free trial available. The latest membership prices for in the UK can be found in the table below.

How does match compare to other dating sites?

One of the top benefits that Match offers, which differentiates them from other dating sites, is their 6 month guarantee. If within six months you don’t find a real match (and no, not simply someone Match recommended that you didn’t like), you will get another six months at no charge.

Why is match com so popular?

Look, has been around longer than some of its users, and the online dating site has stood the test of time because it has something of value to offer single people. I’ve met some great guys and gone on some great dates because of, and I know some friends who have met their spouses on the dating site or app.

How much does match cost?

Thankfully, with numerous affordable — and even free — options, can save you money in the online dating scene, at least. So how much does Match cost? Here are all the prices you need to know about: 1. The Cost to Join is $0 The initial cost of is a whopping $0, and that’s with taxes included.

Is match com Legit?

Yes, is Legit So, is good — like really good? The simple answer is yes. The more detailed answer is Match is VERY good because the online dating service has been around longer than any other dating site or app.

How much does it cost to join match?

Here is the list of their membership prices: A 1-month subscription to can cost you around $59.95 per month. A 6-month subscription to can cost you around $39.95 per month. That is $120 less than a 1-month subscription.

How much does match dating site cost?

That is $120 less than a 1-month subscription. Match Dating Site Pricing for a 12-month subscription can cost you around $18.95 per month. That is $492 less than a 1-month subscription and $252 less than a 6-month subscription.

Do you need a subscription to use match?

If you want to send messages and read the messages that you will receive, then you need to take out a subscription. But there’s no need to worry, the costs are very affordable and are highly unlikely to break the bank. So how much does cost? You can find the current UK prices for 2021 below:

How can I save money on a match com membership?

Either way, if you want to save money on a membership, pay for at least a three-month membership. (For more reasons to commit to more than one month, check out our 3 Reasons to Give Online Dating 3 Months Before You Quit post.) offers a few membership perks for a few dollars more a month ($3 max).

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