Are betty and jughead dating in the comics

are betty and jughead dating in the comics

Are Jughead and Betty dating in real life?

Riverdale Jughead And Betty Dating In Real Life Is A Thing. An instant cult hit, the show, based on the Archie comics, found itself spinning in very different directions from the original story, especially with its Jughead character. But not only is Jughead dating Betty in the show, Jughead and Betty are dating in real life.

Did Betty and Jughead date in the Archie Comics?

The Archie comics featured characters Betty and Jughead as flirty friends, but not actually dating. Jughead and Betty did not date in the Archie comics but many fans speculated that they were interested in each other. Conversely, some suggested that Jughead was friends with Betty so that he wouldnt be seen as a misogynist.

Who is Jughead dating in Riverdale?

In Riverdale, Jughead is still analytical (like his comic book side), but hes also dating Betty (and also had a thing with Toni). And when it comes to food...

Do Betty and Veronica date in Riverdale?

In the comics, Betty and Veronica are more like friendemys who are always after Archie. But the show tells a much different tale. While Riverdale dated started off with Betty longing for Archie, she soon found her souls match in Jughead Jones.

Are Jughead and Betty dating in real life on Riverdale?

But not only is Jughead dating Betty in the show, Jughead and Betty are dating in real life. Elite Daily reached out to both Cole Sprouses team and Lili Reinharts team for confirmation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Are Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones still together in Season 5?

The relationship between Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper has been a mainstay of the show since season 1, and even though they have temporarily parted ways in the show’s fifth season, it’s clear that “ Bughead” is still very much endgame.

Why is Jughead so asexual onRiverdale?

In the original comics, Jughead can pretty dismissive towards women, coming off as downright misogynistic at times, while Archie is the one in a tug of war between Betty and Veronica. But on the show, Jugheads asexual image took a major turn when he and Betty found themselves falling into a relationship.

What happened to Betty and Veronica in Riverdale?

After Betty broke up with Jughead and Archie broke up with Veronica, the two friends share a moment together. This was a one-time thing but it was still a pretty bad move on Bettys part as Veronica and Archie hadnt been broken up long at all before this kiss happened.

Does Betty and Jughead have sex in Season 1 of Riverdale?

When Jughead and Betty’s relationship begins to get serious, Archie finally tells Veronica he wants to be with her. They end up having sex for the first time during the finale of season 1.

Do Betty and Veronica ever fall in love in the comics?

People love Beronica and they want to see them together, but that’s just not our show. Though Betty and Veronica have never had a love story within Archie comics canon, The CW show is obviously looking to do its own thing and purposefully subvert many of the comics’ tropes.

Is Riverdale ready for Beronica and Ronnie to be together?

Ronnie can be crafty– weve seen it– and sweet Betty transforms into dark Betty once she dons the dark wig. The duo have the potential to cause grave damage when together. Lets just say they are reckless and dont make sound decisions when together... sometimes. Riverdale is not ready for Beronica.

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