Dating with curly hair

dating with curly hair

How do you part your curls without breaking them?

comb your curls with the parting line in it’s place: put half of your curls on your right and the other half of the left side of your neck and then comb them in this position. don’t plop, as this’ll destroy your parting line. blow-dry your curls upright.

How to part a curl with a hair pen?

Place the pen on your scalp where you want your parting line to be. Then separate your curls to the pen’s right and left and you’ll have a perfectly straight parting line.

Should I part my curls before or after washing?

If you also need to work on getting your curls to clump properly, I strongly suggest you to create your part before you’ve even started to wash your curls: When they’re still dry! My part before washing my curls: I want it to be a bit more to the left, so I’m creating a new parting line.

How to make your hair hold a curl all day?

3. Prep your hair As we mentioned earlier, its important for your hair to have the right texture to be able to hold a curl all day or night, which can be achieved with the right hair products. Before beginning to curl your hair, apply a thickening mousse to your hair.

How to curl your hair without a curling iron?

Put up your hair in curls. Choose your favorite method to put up your hair in curls without using a curling iron. You can use sponge rollers, hair pins, or even an old t-shirt to roll up your hair in a curled shape.

How do you Make Your Hair curly without conditioner?

Wash your hair, but skip the conditioner. Use a curl-enhancing or clarifying shampoo to give your curls a boost. Skip conditioner, which makes it more difficult for your hair to hold curls. Conditioner makes hair smooth and silky, but you want a rougher, drier texture in order to keep curls in your hair.

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