How do you hook up 24 volt trolling motor

how do you hook up 24 volt trolling motor

How do you wire a 24-volt trolling motor?

When you’re wiring a 24-volt trolling motor, it’s important that you first connect to the circuit breaker (which should only be four inches from the battery. You will want to connect the positive lead of the trolling motor to the positive terminal on the circuit breaker.

How many batteries do I need for a trolling motor?

How To Setup Batteries For a 24V Trolling Motor A 24V motor requires two batteries. For the mechanics to function correctly, it is essential that you connect the 12V batteries in a series and not parallel. This method doubles the voltage of your batteries so they can provide the necessary 24V to your motor.

How long does a 24V trolling motor last on water?

How Long Does a 24V Trolling Motor Last on the Water? 24V multi-battery systems will last about 2 hours when used at full power. But for most anglers, maximum power is not necessary. If you use the motor at half its power, you can expect four hours of battery life or more.

What is a trolling motor and how does it work?

A trolling motor is an innovative boating tool for maneuvering a fishing boat through the water without its outboard engine. These devices are available in three models: 12V, 24V, or 36V.

What size battery do I need for a 24 volt trolling motor?

A 24 volt trolling motor can use any number of batteries that adds up to 24 volts. Typically this setup will include two 12 volt batteries. When you connect two 12 volt batteries in series, you will have 24 volts at the same amp-hour rating as one battery rating.

Can you wire a 24 volt motor to a battery?

Wiring a 24 volt motor is a simple task that most people can handle. After attaching your motor to your boat and placing your batteries, your next step will plan out your wiring. Making a wiring schematic is a great place to start. You can wire your trolling motor to your battery in some cases, and your project is done.

How to wire a trolling motor to a circuit breaker?

If you are using a circuit breaker, you first need to connect to it by connecting the positive lead of the trolling motor cable to the positive part on the circuit breaker. Then connect the negative lead of the motor cable from your circuit breaker to the positive part of your first battery.

How do I wire the battery to the motor?

Once you confirm that the batteries are functional, use the following steps to wire the motor: Arrange the batteries side by side. The positive terminal of battery one should be next to the negative terminal of battery two. Use the battery connector cable or jumper wire to link the batteries.

Take the Newport Vessels NV-Series 24V trolling motor as an example, a 50Ah battery can power the motor for roughly 1hr at speed 5 continuously and 2.5hrs at speed 3. #2. Will a 24V trolling motor run on 12V?

What size battery do I need for my trolling motor?

What is a trolling motor used for?

A trolling motor is an electric motor used to control and maneuver a boat through water easily. They are not like outboard motors, which are loud and not ideal for troll fishing because they scare away the fish. Trolling motors are quiet, which makes it easy for anglers to catch fish.

How to use a trolling motor to hold a boat in wind?

If you have a transom mounted trolling motor and want to use it to hold your boat in the same position in a breeze, it’s often easiest to turn the boat around, put the trolling motor in reverse, and hold the stern into the wind (assuming there aren’t large or dangerous waves).

How do transom mounted trolling motors work?

Transom mounted trolling motors are usually aftermarket add-ons held to the transom of the boat with clamps. These work well when you actually are trolling, and your main goal is simply to move through the water at one to three MPH to give your lures or baits the proper presentation.

How to use a bow mount trolling motor?

The first step in using your trolling motor is deploying it into the water. All bow mount trolling motors come with some form of handle to help anglers launch the motor into the water. Simply pull the cable or cord backwards/towards yourself to release the locking pin.

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